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Workwear Embroidery

Medium sized, and especially large sized groups and organizations such as fast food chains, internet service providers, or any business with a large presence in the public eye due to the nature of their work and business need ways and means to make their massive presence felt in therein, or in this case, have that presence seen.

On top of making whoever works for them be seen and be seen as part of their organization, giving their employees something to wear that distinguishes them from everyone else and identify each other as part of the same cause makes for something immensely compelling that can boost their overall performance and confidence within themselves as they do whatever work they do in the office space.

Related to the previous point, if you wear something that partly erases any differences that you and your coworkers have – namely social stratification, differences in income, and so on – psychologically that means you’re more compelled to cooperate with them in whatever endeavors they have. The military uses this clothing doctrine a lot, and on top of all this, adds the bonus feature of making certain articles of clothing be worn only by people of significant rank or position, meaning despite their similarities you can still tell people and their supposed capabilities apart at a glance.

These are only some of the perks that come with the acquisition and use of uniform workwear. Of course there are going to be disadvantages such as expenditures, cost of designing the thing in the first place, and the cost of creating workwear that not everyone may be able to use but the advantages stated above seem to cover the costs and is why organizations big or small (though especially the big ones) invest heavily on workwear design and manufacturing.

The creation of workwear starts at the design phase where either people already working within the organization submit their own designs or the designing is outsourced to a professional with experience and talent in that field. Several things need to be considered apart from just the patterns and markings to be placed on the apparel; namely the materials used to make it and the overhead estimated costs for everything. It’s something that the designer and a company representative will have to negotiate over, though once a bargain can be struck, then the process can proceed. With the designs made and the materials chosen the set of workwear apparel and the designer responsible for its creation are then sent off to one of the places where companies outsource their apparel manufacturing.

That place of course is the embroidering service provider, the larger ones have the large scale manufacturing facilities and advanced state of the art technology that can meet the demands of a client that needs a product made on a large scale. From here a technician and the designer set to work together, adapting the works of the designer in question into something that can then be recreated by the technician and his wonderful embroidering machine that can recreate the designer’s desires at the press of a button after some process refinements. The process can be tedious and has a fair degree of trial and error involved as both designer and technician work together to find and fix all the minor faults, misprints, and other random errors that inevitably crop up during the transition from sketch to final product. Once refined and deemed presentable by the triumvirate of designer, technician, and company representative, it’s off to the manufacturing stage.

The manufacturing process may take some time to complete; anywhere from a few days, to several weeks, to even months depending on the scale of the clients’ orders as well as the many different specifications that they made during the creation process. Eventually however the product will be delivered and hopefully everything has been made to the precise measurements of the designer and the client company that commissioned them. If everything is in order the payments go out and everyone metaphorically goes home happy and with all they want.

There is a second option for perhaps smaller organizations that don’t have the time or resources to create custom workwear for their employees. To that end a company representative will be sent to the embroidering company and a request will be made to manufacture a set of apparel to a number of parameters provided by the client. The technician then retrieves templates from their archives and then proceeds to manufacture samples of these templates to be sent to the client company for selection. Once a template has been selected, the technician hands over the template to the manufacturing bloc and the products are produced, delivered, and paid for in a similar manner as was done above.

Workwear serves a greater purpose than just showing off; it is the glue that can hold a company together, an identifiable signifier and public face, and allows people working within their ranks to tell each other apart and know what they’re individually capable of at a glance. It seems a costly investment for something flashy, but the benefits it provides justify whatever investment is made for them. Thankfully, advances in the fields of textiles and textile-manufacturing have come so far as to be able to cater to the demands and scale of big business, and now businesses big and small can easily manufacture identifiable and distinctive workwear well into the foreseeable future.

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