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What to know before purchasing embroidered workwear for your company?


Purchasing embroidered workwear is an excellent way of creating brand awareness among your potential customers. When deciding upon custom embroidery clothing for your team, you need to factor in everything from health and safety to the quality of the embroidery service provided by the supplier. In this blog, we will narrow down the four crucial factors, you need to consider when choosing an embroidery service provider for your company uniform.

Do they do their own embroidery or send it out?

Look out for a custom embroidery service provider who does all of their work in-house. The quality and consistency may vary from one product to another when the embroidered workwear is done externally. But, in-house production has several advantages:

  • The turn times are faster in in-house production as there is no back and forth with an external provider. 
  • You can check the progress of your project when the work is done in-house and ensure it's shaping up the way you want it to be. You can always request to stop and redo the design if you need any changes to your old one.
  • A company that produces embroidery designs in-house can provide an exact sample of their work, allowing you to see what your final product will exactly look like.
  • You will get consistent quality when the embroidery work is done in-house.
  • The cost of the embroidery products will be significantly less; when the work is done in-house as compared to the cost when it is done externally.

Do they have in-house designers?

Another important aspect that you need to consider is the embroidery work designer. A company that has an in-house designer can give you many benefits:

  • It reduces significant turnaround times, especially crucial for orders that have stringent deadlines.
  • All the designers and embroiderers work under one roof, thereby reducing the possibilities of miscommunication between them. This can be important for your product- as the designer can take a look at the final product to ensure that the design, look, and quality match, as they envisioned before all of the workwear are done.
  • With nothing but an idea, you can go to your custom embroidery company, and with the help of an in-house designer, tailor your design expertly based on your needs and preferences. 

Quality of the thread used

It is important to know the quality of thread that is going to be used to create your custom embroidery design or logo. Usually, the clarity of the logo depends on the quality of the thread used by the company. Remember to choose a reliable embroidery product supplier such as Graphic Stitches that only uses higher quality thread and ensures your embroidered logo lasts longer without breaking, unraveling, or fading away.


Response Times

Make sure to look out for a company that offers fast and efficient custom embroidery services without missing the deadlines. The custom embroidery supplier should be easy to contact and offer a prompt response time to meet your requirements. It should be able to create a professional and high-quality result making your workwear stand out from the rest of the competition. Being able to reach your custom embroidery supplier quickly with the form of communication that you prefer to make changes is critical in fulfilling your particular needs on time. 

To Sum Up

Embroidered workwear is one of the best options available for business owners to advertise and promote their brands in a cost-effective manner. As an owner, if you want to give your company a higher value and your workers a more professional look with custom embroidered uniforms, then do not forget to visit the Graphic Stitches website. We have some of the best professionals to help you create your unique embroidery design and have your custom company embroidered workwear deliver to you in the shortest time possible.

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