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The answers may surprise you…

If you own or manage a business that requires you to choose uniforms or workwear for your team, it may be useful for you to know what’s important to consider - so let us help.

At Graphic Stitches, we have spent years working with various businesses on their uniforms, especially as this is part of our uniform and workwear embroidery service. During this time, we found a few key features that every high-quality uniform must possess. No, we are not talking about the convention tips like “it has to be comfortable” or “consider the cost”. We think these are pretty obvious.

But here are the ones that are not that obvious - judging by how many businesses overlook them - but are still extremely important:

  1. Colors: Choosing a color for the uniforms of your team may seem like a simple task, but be careful - it’s a tricky one. When we embroider logos, we often notice that the color of the uniform doesn’t go well with the color of the logo. Most times a logo for a business is put together before ever a colour choice of uniform is made. Our advice is to go with a colour choice of uniform that make your logo stand out but sometimes this not always workable due to the limited number of colours available with particular style of uniform selected so one option is to choose the prevailing color of your logo in a lighter or darker tone depending on the colour of uniform or for example if your logo is black you would need to change the colour to white if your choice of uniform colour was black. However, if you go with white, you would need  to order at least 3-4 times more uniforms, so that they are always clean.
  2. Fabric: Sure you should consider what type of work your employees would be doing when choosing the fabric for their uniforms. Usually flexibility, breathability and durability are top factors in making your decisions, we urge you to consider the quality of the fabric. While higher quality fabrics may cost a bit more, it would be good for the reputation of your business and also the fact that your logo would stand out better and look super good while also  saving you some money in the long run as a good quality fabric has a longer life and can withstand the elements.
  3. Uniform and workwear embroidery. Last but not least, always consider how your logo would look best. Many companies choose to put small logos on the front, some want to add a big one on the back, and some opt for logos on sleeves. Consider whether you want your tagline included or not. And always choose embroidery over stickers or folio for your uniform and workwear.

When you’ve taken all these into consideration and are ready to place your order for uniforms & embroidery don’t forget that we at Graphic Stitches would be happy to give you a no obligation free quote. Just contact us here

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