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Top 7 embroidery techniques in Edgewater Perth

Embroidery is a very popular way to create a variety of designs on fabrics. Check out the top 7 embroidery techniques in Edgewater.

Embroidery is a craft or an art form that involves adorning fabric using thread and needles. This is one of the oldest techniques extensively used to create logos, names, and other designs on t-shirts, jackets, hats and other apparel. Nowadays, custom embroidery techniques are also used to make promotional products. Let’s take a closer look at top 7 embroidery techniques in Edgewater

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  1. Outline Embroidery

This is another popular method of embroidery. In this technique, the outline of the design is worked with several types of stitches like a back stitch, chain stitch, outline stitch, stem stitch, etc. In the outline embroidery method, the stitch is mainly made by backstitch overlapping and it also creates a new pattern.

  1. Candlewicking Embroidery

The candlewicking embroidery technique is one of the best alternatives to whitework embroidery. This method mainly uses an unbleached cotton thread on the unbleached muslin. Candlewicking embroidery is also considered a conventional embroidery technique as it uses an old technique called the "colonial knot". This is one type of surface knot that can be worked on any fabric type

3. Counted Thread Embroidery

Counted thread is one of the popular embroidery techniques that involve thread in the fabric. In this technique, a number of wrap & weft yarns are counted for every stitch methodically, resulting in a uniform embroidery pattern and uniform-length stitches. 

4. Whitework Embroidery

The whitework embroidery method is commonly used on white fabric with floss. This technique is also known as French Laid work. The Whitework Embroidery method encompasses a variety of embroidery methods such as shadow work, Broderie Anglaise, etc.

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5. Patchwork Embroidery

In this embroidery technique, the small fabric pieces are assembled on another fabric. They are arranged depending on the aesthetics. Patchwork embroidery involves hand or machine stitching. This embroidery method is also used to create a unique design. You can use any type of stitch you want to decorate. Apart from that, patchwork embroidery can also be used for decorating quilts. 


6. Shadow Work Embroidery 

The shadow work embroidery method mainly involves a herringbone stitch. It is mainly used on transparent or semi transparent fabrics. A variety of designs can be created through this technique. Moreover, shadow work embroidery can also be worked on lightweight, semi sheer, or sheer fabrics like voile, georgette, batiste, organdie, organza, muslin, lawn, etc. 

7. Fish Scale Embroidery

Last but not the least, the fish-scale embroidery technique mainly uses the scale of different fishes like goldfish, carp, or perch to create classic embroidery designs. This embroidery is commonly done on velvet fabric. In this fish scale embroidery method, the scale is accurately prepared & then the holes are made at the scale base. After that, it is stitched on the fabric.

Embroidered designs are made based on the texture of the stitch and fabric. All techniques are very cost-effective as well as reliable in comparison to other traditional methods. You can reflect your style with a great combination of stitches, fabric, & thread. Looking for the best embroidery solutions in Edgewater Perth? Welcome to Graphic Stitches. We are the one-stop shop for premium-quality embroidery solutions. We never compromise our quality.





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