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Top 5 embroidery design tips for that perfect embroidered workwear Perth


Rated one of the leaders in supplying high-quality embroidery service, Graphic Stitches offers a wide range of embroidered workwear Perth for men and women at an affordable price.

A professional-looking uniform plays a significant role in enhancing employee motivation and branding the image of a company. For any business owner, a professional-looking company uniform brings plenty of advantages. It not only helps in increasing the brand’s visibility but is also an affordable and effective form of marketing that creates a great first impression on prospective clients, partners and even among the general public.

You should definitely consider embroidery when it comes to enhancing the look of your workplace uniforms. Embroidery has a perceived higher value for its professional appearance that can transform a plain, dull workwear uniform into an attractive outfit that your employees will love wearing.

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But there are a few things that you need to know before you go ahead and start making embroidered uniforms for your employees. Check out the 5 embroidery design tips for that perfect embroidered workwear Perth for your employees.

Check the design

The first thing you need to check is the designs that you will be using for your embroidered workwear. Ensure to select a design that can be easily transferred onto the uniforms. Usually, complex logos and letters might look a tad patchy on the uniforms; therefore always try to avoid them. A graphic designer can help you create a simple yet effective design that can be effortlessly embroidered onto the uniforms without looking out of place.

Select the fabric

Selecting the proper type of fabric will make the embroidery design more visible while also reducing its risk of getting deformed. Materials such as fleece and terry cloth are great options to consider as they can hold up embroidery works very well while cotton and nylon are too light a material to be used for embroidery as they can lead to tearing and deformation of embroidery design after a few washes. Don’t hesitate to take your supplier’s view on what materials and fabrics will work best for embroidery, so your designs don’t get deformed and last for a long time.

Quality of thread

When designing embroidery for workwear, consider the type of thread you are going to use on the fabric. Generally, different colors of thread are used to create a custom design or logo on a company uniform. But, the quality and clarity of the logo ultimately depend on the quality of the thread used and the skill of the technician. Furthermore, the amount of wear and tear your company uniforms will be subjected to will help you decide the quality of thread that will be most suitable for your workwear. Using high-quality threads will guarantee that your embroidery will last the lifetime of the uniform with little to no color fading, withstanding industrial washing methods also.

Embroidery placement

Choosing the right spot on the uniform where the embroidery logo can be clearly seen is a great way to advertise your brand. The embroidery placement largely depends on the size of your embroidery design. The most common place to place an embroidery design on a shirt is near the chest. Larger designs are more often than not placed at the back of the uniforms for maximum visibility, while smaller designs are placed on the front.

Set the price

Of course, the price plays the most significant part when it comes to making any business decision. The quality of threads and the fabrics selected will all have an effect on the price of the embroidery. The more complex your design is, the more costly it gets. Setting an appropriate amount for embroidered uniforms will allow you to keep the costs down while selecting the size and materials for embroidering your company uniforms.

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Graphic Stitches is one of the leading suppliers of top quality and affordable embroidery service, ideal for embroidered workwear Perth, uniforms, corporate and promotional clothing. It is to be noted that embroidery adds a unique flair to company uniforms that helps your brand stand out among the competitors. So, add a professional touch to your company uniforms with the reliable online service today!

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