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The Key Benefits of Choosing Custom Embroidery Kingsley Graphic Stitches


Custom embroidered workwear, uniforms or corporate wear is a great way to boost employee motivation. It shows that the employees are proud to be representing their brand. Choose embroidery Kingsley Graphic Stitches for bespoke workwear embroidery.

You may think if you use custom embroidery Kingsley, you will be restricted to certain types of materials. This is not true. When you use custom embroidery, you can choose between polo shirts, shirts, T shirts, workwear, sportswear, headwear, corporate wear, hospitality and health apparel, to name a few. Certainly types of embroidery work better on certain materials, so check with an expert when you are in the idea phase of your project.

Having custom embroidered workwear, uniform or corporate wear for your employees makes it more accessible for customers to identify staff if they need assistance. It is proved that adding custom embroidery to your employees’ workwear to highlight your organization’s logo creates a great first impression.


Embroidered Workwear Boosts Employees Motivation & Recognition

Professionalism, brand awareness and durability are the three key benefits of using custom embroidery Kingsley for business. If you are looking for a stylish, yet unique way to market your brand, embroidered workwear is the perfect promo item. As you know workplace health and safety is paramount. When others are wearing compliment garments, your organization branding becomes more important to ensure you stand out.

Custom embroidered workwear is a great way to get your brand noticed. It is called walking billboard. Use custom embroidery service to catch the attention of those passing by your company or employees. It helps organization for the purpose of effective promotion and advertisement. Promotional workwear can be given you clients, and can also be given to your next trade show or corporate event to promote your business.

Embroidered workwear, uniforms or corporate wear are affordable, and even more so when they are purchased in bulk. This is what makes embroidered workwear ideal for larger-scale promotions and giveaways. Wearable like this has also less likely to be thrown out like consumable promotional items, because this type of item serves a purpose long after the even has ended.

When the promotion has ended, your custom embroidered workwear can still serve a purpose, which will only remind your audience of your brand. On top of being useful, an embroidered workwear done by veteran embroidery service provider is durable and can last longer. Your employees and prospects can wear embroidered workwear for years, which means they will keep calling up your brand longer, too.


What Sets Graphic Stitches Apart?

Graphic Stitches offers bespoke embroidery services, specializing in fine detail and lettering designs. We are based in Wanneroo, Perth WA and has been involved with the embroidery industry for over 15-year. We ensure that your logo or business slogan on your workwear, caps or hats is displayed in high quality embroidery.

Whatsoever your health and safety requirement is, we can be your help. We supply everything from workwear to work shorts to hard hats, waterproof jackets to hi-viz vest. Graphic Stitches can supply all your apparel needs if required. For fantastic quality embroidery and digitizing service at affordable prices, look no further than Graphic Stitches.

We really do pride ourselves on the quality of our embroidery services. Compared to many of the big High Street names, you will find us - Embroidery Kingsley knows all of the details of your project, and are on hand at all times. That’s a promise!

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