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How to Choose the Right Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts?

Custom embroidered polo shirts are a great way to promote your brand. They can be smart and fantastic uniform garments if you hire an experienced embroidery service for your workwear.

An embroidered polo shirt is a top garment choice for uniforms. An embroidered polo is all you need to make a good impression, which is why many businesses these days choose it as their uniform wear, instead of expensive head to toe bespoke garments. Polo shirt is instantly smarter and looks more professional. The collar detail and ribbed cuffs of a polo shirt, as well as a button-down detail, can make an instant impression. More importantly, these shirts do not cost much more than the crew neck T-shirt.

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Why Companies Choose Embroidered Polo Shirts?

Many businesses these days in Perth look for embroidered polo shirts near me because the embroidered polo shirt is a great way to promote brands. Business people understand that merchandising is a formidable tool, and if it is done correctly, then it can do wonders for brands and companies.

You cannot go wrong with a classic embroidered polo shirt. It is a timeless piece of clothing which works well for any occasion. It can be your workplace, leisurewear or others. Polo shirts are the best choice for many. You can easily customize polo shirts with embroidered services.

Special Requirements for your Polo Shirts

No matter what your business is, it needs promotion. An embroidered polo shirt is a perfect form to customize your company logo. This can make an outstanding brand image. Embroidered polo shirts are suitable for men and women. First let your embroidery service know whether you need an unusual shirt colour, size and special features. If so, then it would narrow down your options. Also, have a general idea of your budget. You can consider the below-mentioned options:

  • Types of fabric – 100 per cent cotton, polyester or a blend
  • Who will wear polo shirts and where will they wear?
  • If you need traditional placket, V-neck or another style polo shirt
  • If you are looking for moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant or fade-resistant
  • Consider the trim details and coordinating styles – colour blocking, side vent or subtle trim
  • Coordinating long sleeve, button-down version or pocket
  • Think about the budget – if you need good, better or best quality polo shirt

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You need to purchase custom embroidered polo shirts for your business from a trusted embroidery service. One of the leading embroidery services and clothing supplier in Perth is Graphic Stitches offers bespoke embroidery services at best price. Graphic Stitches offers top-quality embroidery services specializing in fine detail as well as lettering designs. With well over 15-year of experience in the embroidery industry, Graphic Stitches can ensure that your business logo on your embroidered polo shirts is displayed in high-quality embroidery.

Embroidered polo shirts are quite traditional and have been in use for years. As this method has become common and is quite out-of-the-mill, it gets hard for the businesses to maintain the uniqueness of the brand, but when Graphic Stitches is here, no need to fear.

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