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What is the reason behind marking the uniform with a logo/emblem?

Uniform embroidery service has to be pro-grade always


One might wonder why institutions need to imprint or mark the uniforms with their logo and tagline (if any). It is a simple marketing and promotional strategy that is into practice for a long time. The logo acts as the visual identity of the institute that is easily recognizable. It also helps to differentiate the members of their organization from those of others. It supports enjoying a distinct status from the crowd of several others. Some professions require an individual to work wearing the suggested uniform only.

Why should I choose embroidery only?

Embroidered design or letters stay longer and look better


The next question that needs clarification here is why would anyone opt for embroidery only and not for other choices available, like printing. Embroidery involves making designs using coloured threads and a needle. Sewing gives a more durable design than imprinting, or other forms would ever do. Besides, designs hand-sketched using threads look more elegant and classy than prints ever would. There will be no fear of the uniform embroidery ever getting faded.

Why to knock the door of a reputed company only?

Reputed companies offer pro-grade services properly


Now, it becomes necessary to look for reliable and high standard uniform embroidery services for flawless results. There are several embroidery service offering companies cropping up like mushrooms everywhere. Do every company deserve our attention? No, it does not. Corporate companies and reputed educational/vocational institutions cannot risk their reputation by making their uniform look below-standard and poorly sewn/embroidered. A student or an employee/staff should come in their own uniforms with the logo of their organisation displayed in embroidery of the best quality. You can put your faith in and trust in your uniform getting the best embroidery done at Graphic Stitches .

Why Graphic Stitches and not some other service provider?

Graphic Stitches is one such name that can command your attention as a leading Perth-based company providing different types of embroidery services. It is a one-stop-website for enjoying professional-grade embroidery services and also embroidered apparel suppliers. We possess years of experience working with several popular companies/institutions on their uniforms (workwear, school uniforms and as such) and the experience helped to acquire the expertise. Our team of experts always will keep you updated and discuss the type of colour, fabric, font style and size that you would prefer for your uniform embroidery.

Our embroidery services cover custom logo embroidery, corporate embroidery, corporate uniform supplying, badges and patches services. We do not tolerate any middlemen unnecessarily hiking the price of the final products so we can offer you services directly at highly competitive rates. We use technologically sophisticated embroidery machines for handling mass projects without pushing the deadlines. Hopefully, you can try our services at least once to witness how promising we are personally!

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