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Top 4 key advantages of choosing Custom Embroidery Designs


Make your brand look more sophisticated, attractive and established with custom embroidery designs from Graphic Stitches. The high-quality designs will last for several years

Custom Decorated Apparel personalizes a piece of Clothing. Embroidery is a craft of setting up a digitised file of an image and using the file on an embroidery machine using quality embroidery threads to decorate a fabric for example T shirts, Polos, Workwear, Uniforms, badges, patches and many more to promote brand awareness, product promotion, and team unity as well as simple and thoughtful gift ideas to personalise towels pillows blankets are some of the many advantages of using embroidery services

4 Key Advantages Of Custom Embroidery:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Product/Business Promotion

  • Team Unity/Professionalism

  • Identification/Recognition

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness allows consumers to be familiar with a specific image, logo or details of a business or organisation of a particular brand of goods or services. Having an organisation’s information embroidered on a piece of clothing such as a uniform work wear etc is an effective way of promoting a specific company’s visibility and accessibility.


Product / Business Promotion

Custom apparel is by far one of the most affordable methods of advertising. Product promotion increases interests’ awareness of your product there by generating more sales. Embroidered Apparel also provides a message about your Professionalism. You're so proud of the work you do and you wear it. This in turn exposes and promotes your business far and wide.

Team Unity/Professionalism

Being a part of a team can give people a sense of belonging by wearing an embroidered Polo or Tee as a uniform. Uniform embroidery allows people to feel a sense of community. This is viewed in many social settings such as the workplace, and sports organisations. Uniforms with custom embroidery results in unifying a labour force or workplace. This gives team members a sense of pride and belonging to perform at their highest ability which is beneficial to the organisation’s success.


Each custom logo embroidery or design on a uniform or any other custom apparel identifies the organisation which in turn distinguishes the person or business. A custom garment with individual name and title can make employees and people in manager roles more identifiable. Customers can also easily identify or recognise employees from the rest and ask questions regarding the products or services.

Consider custom apparel for your organisation. We at Graphic Stitches offer the best Apparel and Custom Embroidery Service.


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