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Graphic Stitches, the most reputed uniform suppliers offer employee designation-based embroidered uniforms in unique colours, fabrics, and designs.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, organisations are always seeking and introducing innovative approaches to stay ahead of their corporate rivals. In one of such unique strategies, they can bring in professional attire or uniform for the employees and workers of the company. Such one-time decisions can help to create a lasting impression for the vital identity and brand awareness of the organisation.


When the uniform attired staffs represent the company, it instils a sense of loyalty for the company in the perception of the clients. Hence, such custom uniforms should be ordered from some reputed embroidered uniform suppliers, such as Graphic Stitches to get the finest quality uniforms stitched in no time.

What are the Prime Factors to be justified before selecting a Supplier for Uniforms?

Bring on the Impression and Recognition

The custom-made uniforms, especially with a brand logo of the respective company represent a standardised approach on the part of the employees wearing them, showcasing their business ethics and work culture. When such logo-based uniforms of the same colour in donned by all the staff in an office, it creates universal brand identity and company recognition in the eyes of the clients of such organisation.

Now, the colours should be meticulously selected by the management of the company, which is a great tool for differentiating the specific business of the organisation from its corporate rivals. As colours enhance brain recall and identification by up to 75%, such colour coding on the company uniforms will offer a flawless recognition of the organisation’s business. Moreover, such unique colours chosen should match the company’s mission and vision.

Again, the selected formal uniform for the organisation will differentiate as per the distinct domain or business purview that the respective employees are related to in the enterprise. Likewise, for an executive or supervisor, a formal white shirt will offer a refined appearance, and a t-shirt can portray the job role of a delivery serviceman in the company. Besides, the staff in the reception area should wear more sophisticated and trendy uniforms, as they represent the company’s first line of impression, whenever the clients visit such organisation. Hence, the uniforms should bring in a sense of self-esteem and attachment of the employees to the company, and portray the brand identity and marketability of such organisation. 

Size of the Uniform

The uniform of any company should never be embroidered in only one size for all employees. As it is a normal fact that different staff will have distinct height and body contours, the uniform thus should be custom-made as per the specific size and physical dimensions of each employee. If the stitched uniforms do not offer a perfect fit for the staff, they can feel uncomfortable throughout the day, and fail to perform their tasks with suitable efficiency. Hence, the company management should never bargain on the specific apparel fittings of the staff. Moreover, all staff should be allocated a particular uniform, as per his or her job role in the organisation.

Vital Add-Ons

The importance of add-ons with uniforms is usually as the respective industry-based requirements for specific staff. Therefore, such additions to the basic uniform are distinct from industry to industry, and according to the particular job role of the individual employee. Likewise, bank personnel should wear a formal tie with their corporate uniform or attire. In the case of hotel staff and waiters, or drivers, add-ons differ like pockets for waiters and driver-specific hats for a chauffeur. Hence, such add-ons should appropriately match the respective job role of such employees in different industries.


Ingredient and Shelf Life

Such uniforms can be embroidered in distinct materials like, cotton, microfibre, fleece, denim, or other custom-made substances that offer a longer serviceable life for such uniforms. Besides, the embroiderers should select such fabrics, with which the employees feel comfortable and contented. Again, the durability of these distinct materials should also be counted as a vital factor, when selecting the uniforms according to the specific job role of the staff. Thus, the materials must be of premium quality to pose a flawless shine and user-friendly usage for enhancing the individualistic character of the respective industry-based employees.

Final Verdict

Therefore, before deciding to embroider a particular uniform for specific employees as per their designation, the most considerable factor is to choose the best uniform suppliers, like Graphic Stitches. They possess more than 15 years of extensive exposure in fine stitching of uniforms with the best designs and at cost-effective rates. 

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